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IT Services

Shadow System Technology offers a wide variety of information technology related services. Below is a brief listing of the types of services we offer. If you do not see a specific information technology service listed, please feel free to contact us to discuss what you are looking for and our ability to fulfill your requirements.

Application Development
Our coders can development any size and type of application to suit your needs. From database applications to web and mobile applications, we have years of experience designing client server applications and user interfaces that provides a quality experience for end users.

Integrated Communications Services
Design, Implement, and Manage integrated communications and networking environments to drive collaboration and business flexibility and growth.

Internet Security Systems
Our Data Privacy solutions provide security in both test and production environments. We provide solutions to our clients that comprise complete data privacy. The abilities to translate, generate, analyze and validate data in an effective manner, allows for unprecedented synergy between users and the system.

IT Strategy and IT Consultant Services
We have the flexibility and know-how crucial in determining your needs, in accordance with your goals, aspirations and outlook. We can assess your current needs and provide the best creative solution.

Maintenance and Technical Support Services
Our comprehensive maintenance and technical support services are ideal in providing protection for your multi-tiered environment. Our experienced technicians, along with our vast parts network; and multiple service level options are formulated to meet your business needs.

Site and Facility Services
No matter how big or small your location is, our engineers are experienced to handle your environment and provide a high level of attention to both quality and detail.

Website Design and Hosting
No matter if you have a small two-page site, or a large 100-page e-commerce site, we have a package to suite your needs. Your Website works for you, doing business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Picking the right package to help get your site up and running and available to the world is important.