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A computer network assessment will help you begin a cyber-security plan to mitigate the largest risks to your business.

Most experts recommend that businesses start by having a strategic approach to cyber-security. This strategic approach should include plans to secure existing systems and keep your business secure.

Protect your business, employees, and customers from on-line attacks, data loss, and other threats by allowing our experienced security professionals to analyze your business and create a comprehensive cyber-security plan.

A company’s cyber-security plan needs to focus on three key areas:

  • Prevention: Solutions, policies and procedures need to be identified to reduce the risk of attacks.
  • Resolution: In the event of a computer security breach, plans and procedures need to be in place to determine the resources that will be used to remedy a threat.
  • Restitution: Companies need to be prepared to address the repercussions of a security threat with their employees and customers to ensure that any loss of trust or business is minimal and short-lived.