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Many small and medium-sized businesses are under the mistaken impression that their size, or the minimal security steps they have already taken, will protect them from cyber attacks. This assumption is both inaccurate and dangerous.

Attacks on information systems operated by small and mid-sized companies are growing rapidly and having severe impacts on business operations.

Obviously, larger firms have more to lose in terms of absolute dollars. However, the narrower profit margins under which smaller businesses typically operate make it all the more important that they become pro-active in protecting their information systems. Think of what would happen if your business computer data were not backed up on a regular basis.

  • How badly would the loss of your business computers affect your ability to conduct normal business?
  • How much would it cost to repair?
  • How much data would be lost beyond replacement?
  • How much would this data loss cost your company?
  • Can you afford this kind of down time and inconvenience?
  • Can your company afford the loss of customer trust or bad publicity?

At SST, we understand that a proper cyber-security program protects more than just a device and that businesses large and small need to do more to protect against growing cyber threats. As larger companies take steps to secure their systems, less secure small businesses are easier targets for cyber criminals. Even a business with one computer or one credit card needs to protect itself from those that wish to do harm. At SST, we have services to help at even the most basic level to protect your business for the long term.